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  • Visit to the Byzantine monuments and churches of the Island.

  • Visit to the museum in the central square of the Castle with findings from the Byzantine years onwards.

  • Hiking in the alleys of the Castle and parallel to the walls. You will be enchanted by the narrow cobbled streets that run through the Castle from one end to the other and you will pass to another era. Time seems to have stopped in the MiddleAges and you are there.

  • Hiking early in the morning for sunrise or late afternoon. The uphill route that lasts about 15΄ is tedious but worth it to admire the view from above.

  • Horseback riding.

  • Fishing.

  • Running and cycling out of town.

  • Swimming on the beautiful beaches of the island.

  • Excursions to the coast or to mountain villages.

  • Participation in the production of wine and local sweets.

  • Food and fun.

  • It is the only island in the North Aegean and probably all of Greece, which has: 25 hiking routes, with a total length of 197 km. - cleared paths - with good signage - easy to moderate difficulty routes - walks lasting 1 to 6 hours - in pristine natural environment - with fantastic panoramic views - with idyllic resting places and picnics giving you the opportunity to get to know its most important historical sites of the island. Extra offer of the Municipality of Skiathos for hikers ..... Doing 12 hikes, you will receive a gift and a commendation from the Municipality of Skiathos .... and doing all 24 hikes, you will receive from the Municipality of Skiathos a commendation and the coveted bronze "Alexandros Papadiamantis Medal for Hikers" (For confirmation, write the codes shown on the signs in the middle of the routes).

  • Parallel routes for Mountain Biking.

  • New in Skiathos .... Geoketzig! Search and find the treasure in the killer cave.

  • If you prefer, you can book a photo safari with a jeep, for wonderful landscape photos in the unique nature of the island.


For more information ask us on arrival.